September 3, 2015

Not Quite the Money Shot I Expected!

Our boy, Panty Robber, has been quite busy lately digging in his girlfriend's drawers for things to wear for us. His thievery now includes a couple pairs of  Rachel's panties, her 9 inch dildo, and her socks. We always make him send us pictures and we do it because it gives us something to giggle about. He does it because he likes showing off his "Monster Cock".

Monster cock?!? What??

Someone is a bit delusional ;) But I'll allow him to bask in the glory of his 3-incher! At least for a little while anyway.

I made Panty Robber give me a size comparison with something that could hold my attention more than his teeny little weeny; money! I envisioned large bills but he chose something closer to the reality of his dick size. See for yourself...
Clearly he should have used a .50 cent piece!

He works hard for his money! lol

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