June 19, 2015

Hey this is Bethany and I just wanted to let you know that our website is now live. Check it out at http://www.blackmailbitches.com/ We'll be updating frequently and adding more ways to interact and have fun with us. Subscribe to our blog and you won't miss a single update or any of the freebies we'll be giving away!

June 17, 2015

I’m Not Interested In Blackmail. What Else Do You Offer?

Good question. It would probably be a shorter list to tell you what we don’t do! Although we’re known as The Blackmail Bitches, we could also be referred to as The Fetish Femme Fatales! We have nearly two decades of combined REAL TIME experience dealing with multiple fetishes and kinks. So when we say we’ve got your fetish covered you better believe that we know exactly what we’re talking about! Do you have something specific in mind that you want to try or maybe you just want to share one of your fetish fantasies with two girls? We’d love to hear what you crave! We’ll also be happy to share any of our exploits from over the years. There are some things we’ve encountered that you couldn’t even begin to imagine! Don’t be surprised when you find yourself drawn to the endless possibilities with us. You’ve been warned ;)

June 12, 2015

So, How Did You Meet? Are You Sisters?

We get asked these 2 questions all the time. No, we are not sisters but the story of how we met is pretty amusing actually and it’s how we became the Blackmail Bitches. Pull up a chair. take notes and learn why you should never underestimate these two adorable blonde girls! We are very good at what we do. I promise that you won’t be able to pull a thing over our eyes.

Bethany and I were two complete strangers who just so happened to use the same spa when we wanted to be pampered. What girl doesn’t love a little R&R, right? I was relaxing in the whirlpool when she came in. After the typical polite hellos we started chit chatting a little about careers, pets and relationships. She bragged on her guy. I bragged on the new guy I started dating kind of recently and in that conversation I mentioned his name.

Oh, that’s too funny!”
“What’s funny?”
The guy I’ve been dating is also named Jason. <laughter> Even my cat loves him but he is SO allergic. He has to take allergy meds just to come over my place.”

I chuckled with her but in my mind I was thinking ‘Yeah my Jason is allergic to animals, too’ Crazy coincidence? Let’s find out! Not always a believer in ‘a small world’ I asked a few more questions and it became very obvious we truly were dating the same guy! She had been seeing him longer, which technically made me the other woman. Great. I now had a title I never wanted! I completely blame Jason for it, too.

I broke the news to her as nicely as possible but on the inside I wanted to kick him in the nads! Not being a fan of physical assault, I had something better in mind...It was time to teach Jason a lesson!

The two of us plotted like only women scorned can do and believe me, hell hath no fury! We arranged to make it as awkward as possible for him. We wanted to see him squirm like the little worm he was. Trust me guys, seeing a man squirming with discomfort is HOT! It’s a complete power trip and a huge motivator in what we do as the Blackmail Bitches.

Suffice to say Jason, his buddies AND the other girl (yes, he really was a dog!) he had with him will never forget that lovely afternoon and it was definitely quite lovely for Bethany and !. To this day I wonder if his ego has ever recovered. His pocket is probably still feeling the affects. HA!

Want to know the whole story? Give us a call and we will fill you in on all the dirty details!

You’ll truly understand why we say ‘YOU MIGHT GET AWAY FROM ONE BUT YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FROM TWO!’