September 27, 2015

His wife is asleep

I am on the phone with pantie thief, you remember the one who has taken over 300 pairs of panties and is currently stealing is own wife's panties. He is in the bathroom while she is asleep upstairs. He is calling me on the phone to tell me the things that he has done.

And now I am reading this to him as I type it. So, to those of you who read our blog, just know that I was talking to pantie thief live as I expose him to each and every one of you.

I can hear him sighing and moaning and trying to be quiet so he doesn't wake his wife up. Because if he does she will know that he is in her panties.

 Of course, he really should be worried all of you knowing because who knows maybe one of you works with his wife... or goes to the same gym or shops at the same grocery store.

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