August 27, 2015

Bethany's thoughts on our latest cam show with John

The other night I was able to witness one of the funniest things I have ever watched on cam. Brianna and I sometimes watch cams for fun and believe me... THIS was fun. The caller “John” was someone who entertained me in a way I have not had before.

 He is also on Cam4 and we will be doing live shows where you will be able to watch as Mistress Brianna and myself direct John on the phone.

The event, as I like to call it, that I saw John perform was so much fun and you DO NOT want to miss the next one. We will tweet the next show! 

Are you an exhibitionist too? Contact us on Niteflirt to set up a show... hopefully it is as fun as the show with John was!!

Have You Missed Us?

Mistress Bethany and I took the summer off to travel but we're back and ready to get in your head, play in your wallet and wreak havoc on your balls! Our first few days back have been amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I'll even share some of what we've been up to. Here are a few glimpses of what our boys have been keeping us entertained with:

Boy Wonder -  We named him Boy Wonder because after witnessing him humping a giant stuffed pig covered with a clear trash can liner (he calls it safe sex! lol) we wondered if he ever had real sex a day in his life. Highly doubtful!

Panty Robber - We dubbed him the Panty Robber since he stole a pair of his girlfriend's tiny little pink lace panties to take pictures just for us. There is almost nothing funnier to us than seeing a grown man stuff his cock and balls into women's panties!

Slave Tony - Tony loves to prance around for us on cam and clean his apartment wearing a little french maid outfit and nice high heels. We found a whole new use for his feather duster!

Bimbo Blake - This little bimbo loves to paint his lips whore red and show us how far he's come on his gag reflex training. So far so good but we know he can do better!

StevenZ - Steven cannot get enough of The Blackmail Bitches. He clicked through $185 dollars in paymail like a good boy

Assman Harold - He stroked and stroked while his addiction to us held him captive. First I got in his head and played with that boybrain then Mistress Bethany took over and continued mindfucking him and his wallet! $110 dollars later, we sent him to bed with a hardon that surely lasted until morning!

So as you can see we've been entertained, laughed until we cried and thoroughly enjoyed our first few days back. I want to give a special thank you to all the boys that have also gone the extra mile and spoiled us with nice tributes and a 'welcome back' Amazon Gift card.

Thank you Bitch Boys! Keep up the amazing work!

Mistress Brianna